Ideas for practical solutions that some autistic adults think would be helpful:


I’ve learned how to manage many of my social and sensory challenges, but there are times when I would ideally have my own office (as was observed by Occupational Health in my previous Company), though this is impractical in present day corporate life.

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I go to a university where I find they aren’t very good at informing you of changes or preparing you beforehand of things.

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In my experience it is important that you can stim wen ever you need

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Replace open offices with flexible workspace options, including guilt-free remote work.

Include ambient sensory noise in OSHA workplace standards.

Relentless push to get PWD into senior leadership roles in major corporations.

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A robot that has alarms and reminds me of the date, how many days until appointments/events, tells me how long it’s been since I called my parents or spoke to friends, reminds me to take my meds, alerts me to when I’m going off schedule or getting distracted

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It should be possible to use the current creepy universe-of-things-plus-biometrics to track my stress responses and figure out what sensory stuff tends to particularly bother me.

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